Our Story

Homegrown Online Headshop

Since Day 1, Dank Riot has set out to elevate your smoking experience at every level. Whether you're sneaking bong rips in your mom's crib or dropping $500+ on a new volcano, Dank Riot is the friendly online headshop to go to.

Dank Riot only offers high-quality & durable products and we love improving our own smoking experiences, so we will always work to keep Dank Riot and the industry high and happy - for both you and us!

Dank Riot is the culmination of a lifelong dream to bring the trust and experience of local headshops to everyone. Before Dank Riot, most online headshops had little to no regard for what the community actually wants.

Dank Riot Founder, Billy, had a plan to change everything.

Your friendly neighborhood headshop

"The story of Dank Riot began after purchasing my first water pipe at a local shop. Amazed at the different pieces available I thought "Why can't I have this experience online?"

The people were kind and helpful, it felt I was shopping in a familiar place, and most of all...it was a community. 

I became determined to develop a brand that would come as close to the experience of shopping at a local headshop as possible. This brand needed to educate customers, make them feel comfortable, and foster a community.

One of my favorite quotes to live by "The value of an idea lies in the using of it", so I knew that it was going to take more than just an idea to bring this dream to reality. Years of development and research helped create what you now know as Dank Riot. We traveled the world meeting new people, finding new products, and building the foundation of a community.

In the end, Dank Riot was born."

- Billy K.