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Stoner Gift Guide: Animal Lovers

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Stoner Gift Guide: Animal Lovers

Guarantee a dank Christmas this year by following our Stoner Gift Guides and getting the perfect present for yourself or a tree-lover you know.

Got a stoner in your life who talks to animals a bit too much when they're baked? Then check out these dank deals that make perfect presents for the bud-smokin' animal lover in your life.

Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Under the Sea Kit

This incredibly detailed water pipe with sea themed glass decorations makes a great gift for animal-loving smokers. From coral and fish to a Kraken swallowing a sail ship, this piece has it all.


7.48 inch Balloon Dog Rig 14.5mm

Perfect for dog lovers. The Dank Riot Balloon Water Pipe is a unique bong that combines the glossy look of glass with the intricate design of balloon animals.. Guaranteed to turn heads at the next sesh.


Empire Glassworks - Bowl Piece - Pink Cat Donut

Kitty shaped donut bowl! Part kitty, part donut this bowl by Empire Glassworks is super cute and colorful and will add a nice touch to any piece.



Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Dragon Sphere

Blow Smoke with this Fiery Dragons Sphere!

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