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Pipe It Up: Hand Pipes 101

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Pipe It Up: Hand Pipes 101

With so many varieties of pipes available, the buying process can feel overwhelming for new and experienced smokers. However, having the right information can help make the process easier for everyone. Continue reading to learn what different options are available to you as a consumer of cannabis!


You’ll need to consider at least two things when pipe shopping: bowl material and bowl size. You’ll typically find bowls made of glass, ceramic, metal, or crystals. There’s an advantage and disadvantage to each material, but for the most part aesthetics and heat retention are what matters. We always recommend trying each different type to determine your preferences and to experience the advantages and disadvantages yourself.

One-hitters and Chillums

One of the reasons so many smokers enjoy pipes is their ability to travel well. You won’t get as big of a hit as you might with other devices, but being able to bring your pipe with you anywhere you go is extremely useful. If you’re looking for a palm size pipe, one-hitters and chillums are your best bet. Their one of the most basic pipes available, but as you probably guessed from the name, they typically only offer one hit. Not ideal for sharing with friends, but if you’re a loner stoner, one-hitters and chillums are perfect.

Spoon Pipes

The bulb-shaped pipes you’ve seen everywhere are known as spoon pipes. Spoon pipes feature a bowl (where the dry herb will be packed) and a carb (used to limit the airflow when taking a hit). The bowl will usually allow for a longer than a one-hitter would. With their small size and great cleanability, spoon pipes are a favorite of many experienced smokers.


The largest in the hand pipe family are steamrollers. They’re designed with straight-through tubes. On top is a bowl with a carb on the front. Steamrollers are known for bigger hits than your average bowl. If you’re a new smoker, you might not want to build up tolerance before checking out steamrollers, but if you’re experienced then they can serve as a great tabletop piece.


Clean hits are happy hits. Bubbler pipes separate themselves from the rest of the pack with an extra level of filtration. By adding water to the mix, you’ll experience thicker, cleaner and even cooler hits. While not very portable, bubblers are great if you’re looking for a happy medium between dry pipes and traditional water bongs.


Don’t let the number of pieces available overwhelm you. Now that you understand the different categories of hand pipes, you can make an informed decision and buy a piece you’ll love. Whether you’re a novice smoker or a seasoned expert, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

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