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No Bud for Browns or Bengals Fans

1 min read

No Bud for Browns or Bengals Fans

On Wednesday, an Ohio medical board committee turned down proposals from Browns and Bengals fans to alleviate the pain of their fandom with cannabis.

Unfortunately, being a fan of the NFL's Browns or Bengals is not enough to meet the requirements to purchase medical marijuana, according to an Ohio medical board committee.

Last December, a Cincinnati resident who identified as a "Browns/Bengals fan" was one of the petitions filed, according to documents released by the state's medical board.

In the past four years, neither one of those two franchises have experienced much success on the field.

The Dank Riot team feels for Browns and Bengals fans. We'll be rolling one up in your honor.

If you're a fan living in a state with legal recreational use, we recommend Harlequin or Granddaddy Purple to cope with the fandom!


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