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Grindin': Best Weed Grinders 2019 - Grinders That Last

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Grindin': Best Weed Grinders 2019 - Grinders That Last

Without the right grind on your bud, vapes and rolling papers are useless. For an optimal smoking experience, a quality weed grinder is required. It should easily cut through your kief and preserve your dank pollen. No dirty smoke, no wasted product. Inexpensive options are available as well as more refined, expensive ones. These weed grinders are the best and are available online and fit any budget.

Sharpstone V2 Crank Top Grinder

For an efficient option, get Sharpstone's grinder. The large set of blades are operated by a hand crank to cut up kief and filter it through the mesh screen. The clear lid gives you a view of the entire operation.

Space Case 4 Piece Matte Grinders

This is the perfect weed grinder for you if you’re looking for an easy and consistent grind. First, it grinds quick so you aren't grinding for a long time to get the same consistency with all of your herb. Second, it's easy to get the same grind consistency every time you grind.


Cali Crusher (2-Piece)

The 2-piece Cali Crusher is more consistent and can grind finer than other 2-piece grinders on the market, plus have better build quality. It really has its own style of grind: the characteristic fluffy grind, which is very hard to achieve with other grinders.



Thorinder features a patented one of a kind cutting system, with super sharp curved teeth and bolt slots to aid in the grinding process. Perfect for dry herbs.

Cali Crusher Homegrown Pocket Grinder

We love the 4-Way Quicklock technology on this grinder. Just a quarter turn to lock & open. Removable screen makes it easy to clean, upgrade and repair. The smooth rounded contour catch chamber allows for easy pollen access. Comes with a guitar pick scraper. Grooved edge for easy grip.

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