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Bud-y Love: Best Marijuana Strains for Valentine’s Day

2 min read

Bud-y Love: Best Marijuana Strains for Valentine’s Day

Big Blue - Great for Date Night

Known for its sedative and calming effects, Big Blue is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Blueberry. While its parent strains are indicas, they’re known to produce cheerful effects. If you’re nervous about an upcoming Valentine’s Day date, Big Blue is great for creating a mellow vibe that can help make the conversation flow more smoothly. Be cautious as this bud can be very high in THC, so we recommend micro doses.

Atomic Northern Lights - Better Than Viagra

Often referred to as the “Viagra of Weed”, Atomic Northern Lights can be difficult to find. This is likely due to its reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. Not only does it have a great taste and smell, but there’s also less risk of having an erection last longer than 4 hours!

Fire OG - Netflix and Chill

Maybe you’re just planning to curl up on the couch for V-day. No problem. Fire OG is your go-to strain for relaxing on the sofa while binging your favorite show. As a hybrid strain with dominant indica parents, you’ll feel submerged in a lovey and happy glow. Similar to Big Blue, be careful with this strain as it can contain high THC percentages.

Blue Cheese - Celebrating Singles Awareness Day

Not everyone feels love in the air on Valentine’s Day. If you’d rather not think about being alone on the day of love, look for Blue Cheese to help accomplish your goal. Not only does it bring a happy and stress-free feeling, but its sedative effects are great for insomniacs. Roll up some Blue Cheese and enjoy a happy, relaxing Valentine’s Day this year.

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