The Best Vaporizers for Discreet Use

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Trying to keep your cannabis use discreet? Check out our top picks for vaporizers that offer a quality session without alerting anyone nearby. These vaporizers will fit right into your pocket for travel and can be held comfortably with one hand when in use. Fast heating and quick cooldowns are a must, along with a price point you can afford.

Read on to see what discreet vaporizer we recommend!

PAX - Pax Era Pro

The Pax Era Pro by PAX holds cannabis extracts. It doesn’t look like a vaporizer at first glance. Its sleek design and travel-friendly size resembles an Apple gadget more than anything else

Dr. Dabber - Ghost Kit

Anyone who appreciates the flavor and scent of their extract should check out the Ghost Kit from Dr. Dabber. Its ability to maximize flavor with low heat makes it clear why seasoned users love it. The small frame keeps things discreet while in use.

AirVape - XS GO

Perhaps the most portable vape on this list is the AirVape XS GO. The interface is as simple as the click of a button and its ergonomic design is an added bonus. 

KandyPens - Elite Vaporizer

KandyPens is known as one of the best creators of discreet vape pens. Their Elite Vaporizer lives up to this standard with its sleek ceramic design that’s both discreet and fashionable. Slip this device into your pocket and watch it blend in with any outfit when in use.

Sometimes you need to keep your consumption of cannabis discreet. As a business based out of Ohio, we understand how important it is to have a small, discreet way to consume cannabis that’s as effective as a water pipe or dab rig without the traces those devices tend to leave behind.

Did we miss any vaporizers on our list? Let us know!

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