The Ultimate Puffco Peak Guide

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Meet Puffco’s first desktop vaporizer - The Puffco Peak! It’s a smart rig (or e-rig) that delivers the full flavor of your extracts in a comfortable, highly portable design. Don’t let the size fool you. Standing at 7 inches tall, the Peak is powered by a lithium-ion battery that allows for a quick heat-up and consistent hits throughout the session. The quality, style, and simplicity of the Puffco Peak has made it the award winning concentrate vaporizer many know and love today.


Puffco Peak Bundle w/ Carrying Case and Warranty

Puffco Peak Bundle w/ Carrying Case and Warranty


AUTHORIZED SELLER WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 year Warranty 1x PuffCo Peak  2x Ceramic Buckets 1x Micro USB Charger 1x Loading Tool 1x Carrying Case 1x Cleaning Swab Smart Heat Calibration Four Temperatures Glass Water Filter LED Light Band 30... read more

Puffco Peak What’s in the Box


1x Puffco Peak vaporizer

1x Carrying case

1x Loading tool

1x Pack of cotton swabs    

1x Glass carb cap

1x Extra ceramic bowl

1x Supercharger

1x Micro USB cable


The Puffco Peak is a smart e-rig that delivers full flavor and comfortable user experience in a highly portable design. It is Puffco's first desktop vaporizer. The mighty pen vaporizer is powered by a lithium-ion battery with fast charging technology that charges full in two hours and takes about 20 seconds to heat. 


The vaporizer is easy to clean and safe for everyone. It includes a carrying case that puts all Puffco Peak items in one place. The Puffco Peak looks like the Volcano vaporizer because of its cone-ish shape. But the exact difference between the two would be the glassware and performance.


It comes with a unique cone-shaped glass mouthpiece water purification. It stands 7 inches tall from the cone to the base and features a reliable and huge silicone base of 2.76 inches wide. In addition to everything, every glass piece in the Puffco Peak is hand blown with accuracy.


The most sophisticated and functional feature of Puffco Peak would be its LED light band. The color changes based on the status. Thus, the LED light band excludes the need for hiding with style. It also has a detachable ceramic bowl for the atomizers.


While it isn't announced yet, the Pro version of Puffco Peak is expected to be released in early November 2020 and sold around $400-$450. We'll have to wait and see until the official release. 


Quick Heat-Up - For most rigs, the heating and cooling process takes 3 minutes. The Peak eliminates long waiting times with an average heat-up time of 20 seconds.


Quick Charging / Durable - Expect to get 30 potent dabs from each full charge of your Peak. A full recharge only takes 2 hours with the supercharger. 


Four Different Heat Settings - The Peak has a heat setting for every dab style. Newbies and experienced users alike will find a setting that fits their consumption style. Whether you want big clouds or a flavorful hit, the Peak's ‘sesh-mode’ let’s everyone extend the session.


Automated Temperature Calibration - Expect consistency from the Puffco Peak, even with repeated use. It’s built-in smartware will adjust heat times on the fly when your bowl remains hot. 


Led Light Band / Haptic Feedback - Keep things discreet with an LED light band that reports on battery life and heat cycles. When not in use, the light band stays off. The Peak’s haptic feedback makes getting the perfect hit easy because of its spot on timing.


Peak Performance - No matter what heat setting you use, the Peak heats up in about 20 seconds. It’s refreshing to start a session quickly rather than waiting a few minutes. Because the heat is focused on the ceramic bowl at the front of the device, there’s no fear of accidental burns or heat blasting you in the face. The overall design of the Peak is genius!


Peak Vapor Quality – Vapor quality is consistently great with the Peak because of its water filtration and ceramic bowl. Even without precise temperature settings, the preset temperatures available work great. One issue more serious vapers have with the device is the lack of options when it comes to the material of the bowl. The only option is a ceramic bowl, so anyone wanting to use titanium or quartz bowls are out of luck.


Battery Performance – You’ll get through a long session multiple times with one full charge of the Peak. A full charge only takes about 2 hours, which is impressive for this type of device.

How to Use the Puffco Peak

1 Detach the glass bubbler from the base and fill up with water just above its air holes.


2 Connect the bubbler to the base, and press the power button for three seconds to start the vaporizer.


3 Push the power button to change the temperature presets.


4 Dab the wax in the base of the bowl, then place your carb cap over the bowl.


5 Double click the power button to begin the heat-up process.


6 The Puffco Peak will shake, and the LED light will flash three times to signal heating is finished.


7 Start inhaling from the bubbler to vape.

Puffco Peak Tips & Tricks

Switch it off after using it. 


Switch your Puffco Peak off after using it. This is the easiest tip, but the most important one too. The vaporizer doesn't come with an auto-shutoff timer, so it will start draining its battery until you switch it off or until the battery is dead. Always remember to turn it off after you call it a day.


Pick Your Temperature Wisely


Whether you want light, flavorful hits or big, potent clouds, the Peak has settings for every user. The two lower temperature settings are great for hits with powerful flavor and light clouds. The two higher temperature settings are great for the opposite. When you want big, dense clouds, turn to these settings and prepare to get rocked in just one or two hits.


Clean it while it’s hot


Cleaning your rig is never fun, but it’s important to do is you want to keep your Peak at 100%. After every hit, use a cotton swab to clean up any residual material while the bowl is still hot. It will go a long way towards keeping your bowl in good condition.


Take care of the atomizer


The Puffco Peak is excellent, but not perfect. The atomizer is not as durable as the other parts and can break easily. Avoid taking it apart when cleaning and be very careful around the bowl and plate when traveling. Damaging either of these parts will likely end the life of your Peak.


Don’t overload your Peak


One of the most common ways someone can damage their Peak is by overloading it. Start with an amount equal to a grain of rice to be safe. With the Peak’s long-lasting battery, you can always go back for more later.


Make it your Peak


The Peak has a number of different accessories and attachments available that will add a personal touch to your device. Grab a colored glass bubbler or carb cap to make your Peak pop. For on-the-go use, the travel glass and Peak bag are a must-have.

Puffco Peak Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Puffco Peak?


To clean the device, carefully detach the glass attachment before removing the atomizer. Make sure you let the bowl cool off before unscrewing the atomizer from the base.


1. Soak the glass bubbler and carb cap in Isopropyl Alcohol, then rinse with water,

2. Submerge your fully assembled atomizer in isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes, then allow it to air dry. Remember, don't wash the atomizer with water. The ceramic being exposed to water can break the part. Ensure you also use an Isopropyl soaked cotton swab to clean the gold connector at the bottom of the atomizer.

3. Before using your Peak again, allow all parts to dry. 

When Should I Clean My Puffco Peak?


Perform a thorough cleaning every battery cycle or every 20 - 30 dabs. If you notice your atomizer flooding or rainbow lights flashing on your Peak, clean the atomizer using isopropyl alcohol as outlined in the steps above.

What Should I Use to Clean My Puffco Peak?


We recommend 99% isopropyl alcohol to avoid any issues with water damage.

Why is My Puffco Peak Showing Flashing Rainbow Lights?


Rainbow lights on your Puffco Peak mean there is an issue with the atomizer’s connection to the base. It doesn’t always mean your atomizer is broken. One solution to try is making sure your atomizer is fully screwed in. If that doesn’t work, try cleaning the connection pin on the bottom of the atomizer with a isopropyl alcohol soaked cotton swab.


Your atomizer may need a more thorough cleaning, so if the two steps above don’t work, try soaking the fully assembled atomizer in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes, then let it air dry.

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