Puffco Peak Care Tips

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Helpful Tips

Dab Size

Overloading will flood your atomizer, which can break it. Have fun, but treat it with care.

Hit it Gently

Pulling too hard will cause atomizer splash-over, which can break your atomizer.

Power Down

Power down your device to conserve battery life - Hold the button down for 4 seconds to power off.

Peak Care

Rainbow Lights?

Your atomizer might not be fully screwed in, or the connection points may need to be cleaned.

Removing Atomizer

If you feel tension when unscrewing your atomizer, warm it up a bit first to avoid breaking it (caution, may be hot).

Atomizer Cleaning

Place fully assembled atomizer in iso-alcohol for 30 min. Remove, and allow time to air dry (iso is flammable).

Base Cleaning

Use an iso-alcohol soaked cotton swab to clean the gold connection pins and the surrounding areas.


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