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No Bud for Browns or Bengals Fans

1 minute read

On Wednesday, an Ohio medical board committee turned down proposals from Browns and Bengals fans to alleviate the pain of their fandom with cannabis. Unfortunately, being a fan of the NFL's Browns or Bengals is not enough to meet the... more »

5 Ways To Grind Weed Without Grinder

3 minute read

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a smoke session and realizing you don’t have a grinder. But don’t worry, the team at Dank Riot has all kinds of MacGyver-esque strategies for grinding up those precious nugs in an efficient way. Here... more »

Bongs 101: The Ultimate Guide to Bongs

6 minute read

What is a bong? A bong is a type of water pipe typically used to smoke cannabis. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, often from artists who blow glass by hand to create the beautiful and functional bongs you see at places like Dank Riot.... more »

Pipe It Up: Hand Pipes 101

3 minute read

With so many varieties of pipes available, the buying process can feel overwhelming for new and experienced smokers. However, having the right information can help make the process easier for everyone. Continue reading to learn what different options... more »

So Fresh, So Clean: How to Clean Your Grinder

4 minute read

Keeping A Clean Grinder As much as we love our finely ground herbs, we need to show that same love to the tool that makes it all possible - our grinder.  It’s important to take time to clean the gunk out of your grinder. Not only does it... more »

Dr Dabber Switch Review

2 minute read

The Good Heats up in seconds | Vapor it produces is amazing | Battery lasts VERY long The Bad Higher price | Quartz nail not included Summary The Dr Dabber Switch is revolutionizing vaping... more »

Stoner Gift Guide: Animal Lovers

1 minute read

Guarantee a dank Christmas this year by following our Stoner Gift Guides and getting the perfect present for yourself or a tree-lover you know. Got a stoner in your life who talks to animals a bit too much when they're baked? Then check out these... more »

Grindin': Best Weed Grinders 2019 - Grinders That Last

2 minute read

Without the right grind on your bud, vapes and rolling papers are useless. For an optimal smoking experience, a quality weed grinder is required. It should easily cut through your kief and preserve your dank pollen. No dirty smoke, no wasted... more »

Tips for Cleaning Your Grinder

2 minute read

PUT IT IN THE FREEZER Before you begin any manual cleaning, placing your grinder in the freezer is the best way to start even if your grinder needs some serious attention. Take the grinder apart and place each piece into the freezer for more than... more »

Dabbin on a Budget: 2019 Best Dab Rigs Under $100

3 minute read

Every day new dab rigs with innovative designs are popping up on the market. With so many options, finding the perfect dab rig at a good price can prove difficult. Since your experience is largely shaped by the type of water pipe you choose, we ... more »