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How to Pack a Bowl the Easy Way

9 minute read

Smoking cannabis is all about maximizing the flavor and potency of your material, so knowing how to pack a bowl is essential. A poorly packed bowl can lead to tasting ash on a hit or even losing some of your dry herb through the downstem. Stick with... more »

Puffco Peak Manual and Quick Start Guide

4 minute read

The Puffco Peak is a one-of-a-kind portable vaporizer. From its smart heat calibrations to its borosilicate glass bubbler, beginners and seasoned connoisseurs alike love the Peak. If you’re getting started with a new Peak, consider this post... more »

The Ultimate Puffco Peak Guide

8 minute read

Meet Puffco’s first desktop vaporizer - The Puffco Peak! It’s a smart rig (or e-rig) that delivers the full flavor of your extracts in a comfortable, highly portable design. Don’t let the size fool you. Standing at 7 inches tall,... more »

The Best Vaporizers for Discreet Use

2 minute read

Trying to keep your cannabis use discreet? Check out our top picks for vaporizers that offer a quality session without alerting anyone nearby. These vaporizers will fit right into your pocket for travel and can be held comfortably with one hand when... more »

Is Dry Herb Vaping Safe?

3 minute read

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice. It is for instructional purposes only. Contact a medical professional for medical advice. In recent years, a negative light has been shed on vaporization and its relation to lung illnesses.... more »

Puffco Peak Care Tips

1 minute read

Helpful Tips Dab Size Overloading will flood your atomizer, which can break it. Have fun, but treat it with care. Hit it Gently Pulling too hard will cause atomizer splash-over, which can break your atomizer. Power Down Power down your device to... more »

Simplest, Single-Serve Edible Recipe (No Smell)

0 minute read

5 Video Games to Play High AF

3 minute read

When you’ve got nothing but time, there are few things quite as relaxing as smoking a bowl and gaming the day away. Most will be stuck home for this year’s 420 celebration, so having video games to kill time is essential. We’ve... more »

420 Netflix Quarantine Watchlist

3 minute read

Rolling a fat blunt and wondering what to watch on Netflix during 4/20? From reality TV to baking competitions to a show about middle schoolers going through puberty​, we have some great options to help you get the most out of a stoned 4/20 at home... more »

Best Spotify Playlists for 420

2 minute read

There's no question: most bud enthusiasts love  listening to music music. You've probably never met a stoner who doesn’t have at least one favorite band or genre of music. Whether it’s the bass, the verses or the overall vibe of the... more »