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How much does a bong cost?

5 minute read

Answering the question "How much does a bong cost?" can be a difficult process. You want a quality pipe that will last, but don't want to break the bank to get one. This guide will help you buy the right bong at the right price without sacrificing quality.... more »

How to Use a Bong: Beginner's Guide

5 minute read

Want to know how to use a bong? There's really only two ways... Yes, you read that right!  1. Hitting a bong properly 2. The opposite of #1 If you're just now learning how to use a bong or want to improve your rips, you've come to the right place.... more »

How to Clean a Bong Without Alcohol

5 minute read

Wondering how to clean a bong without alcohol? Well... You've come to the right place! We clean our bongs without isopropyl alcohol frequently, so we're sure these tips will work. Let's dive in. Why isopropyl alcohol isn't always the best way to clean a bong... more »

Rolling 101: How to make a joint burn slower

5 minute read

Learning how to make a joint burn slower is an artform. Every stoner gets excited when they roll a nice one, but the true sign of an expert roller is that slow, even burn everyone loves. Unfortunately, many people who enjoy joints don’t know how to... more »

First time smoking weed? 7 Tips to Help You Prepare

3 minute read

Consider this post a guide to help you through your first time smoking weed. Smoking weed for the first time can seem intimidating, but with the right tips and mindset it can be a great experience. The growing family of cannabis lovers is ready to welcome... more »

PAX Era Review: Discreet, Portable, Affordable

4 minute read

Looking for a discreet, portable vape at an affordable price? Read our PAX Era review to see if this device is right for you! PAX Labs has created another revolutionary approach to enjoying cannabis extracts with the PAX Era. It comes with the quality... more »

How long do edibles stay in your system?

3 minute read

Let’s get straight to the point. How long do edibles stay in your system? Well, the length of time THC stays in your system depends on a few different conditions. First, it’s important to understand that the half-life of cannabis is typically a... more »

Grindin' Dirty: How to clean a grinder

6 minute read

Learning how to clean a grinder is a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your weed. If you've been using your grinder for months without a proper cleaning, it might seem like buying a new grinder is the better option. The good news? You... more »

How to Pack a Bowl the Easy Way

9 minute read

Smoking cannabis is all about maximizing the flavor and potency of your material, so knowing how to pack a bowl is essential. A poorly packed bowl can lead to tasting ash on a hit or even losing some of your dry herb through the downstem. Stick with Dank... more »

Puffco Peak Manual and Quick Start Guide

4 minute read

The Puffco Peak is a one-of-a-kind portable vaporizer. From its smart heat calibrations to its borosilicate glass bubbler, beginners and seasoned connoisseurs alike love the Peak. If you’re getting started with a new Peak, consider this post your... more »